Importing A Single Midi File In A Track

high everybody

im an absolute beginner in renoise but have a lot of experience with other DAW’s as logic pro and ableton live
so here is my question: how can i import a midi file into a track ( over the years i collected all my basslines and a lot of chords in the midi file format for re-use)

i only managed to open a midi file but then my open song closes

thnx for any help


You can’t import MIDI into an already open song.

Easiest way to currently do it is have two open Renoise sessions and copy and paste between the two (V2.7.2)

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you can copy pattern data and paste it into notepad, or any other text editor, then you can open other song and paste it back

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so, you can import midi, then edit it, copy/paste what you need into notepad, and then paste it back

This is something I’d really appreciate if the dev team looked at, as having Renoise automatically create a new song when you import midi data isn’t necessarily a good idea. One clear example of how it can be problematic is when you attempt to use Stylus RMX. It features a drag & drop tool which lets you drag a drum loop into your DAW, which imports its midi data so that you can tweak it. With Renoise’s current behavior, attempting to use this feature results in your current song automatically closing and Stylus exporting its midi data into a blank new song before closing because it’s no longer a loaded VST instrument. I then have to copy the contents of the new “song”, open the old one and paste it in. Finally I have to manually adjust the instrument for every note, since the midi import defaults to 00 no matter which instrument slot Stylus is in. Being able to import into an existing song (maybe as a toggle option in the Renoise settings) would be a godsend.

Importing selected tracks from a SMF into an already open song would be great.
In my workflow I sometimes use other programs for MIDI and import it into Renoise to further the work. Having to copy/paste all the time is tedious and prone to errors.

(Apart from that: MASSIVE HIGH FIVE on 2.8)

I’m having trouble copy and pasting my MIDI data in 2.8. In previous versions, I often imported my midi data, selected and copied it in the pattern matrix and then in another instance of Renoise I pasted it by right-clicking in the pattern matrix and pasting. Any idea why I can’t get this to work any more?

Edit: Am I miss remembering? Do you have to copy and paste each pattern one by one in the other instance? Is there no track/pattern selection copy/paste between instances of Renoise?