Importing/exporting XML node attributes

I find that the renoise.Document XML import/export is generally awesome. Is there some way to import attributes of nodes? (as well as write them)

I would hate having to resort to some custom text parser / XML generator just for being able to do this.

The index attribute, in this example:

<Line index="0">

I guess the only chance is if these are stored in some dedicated list node, which probably isn’t the case (?)

Not to my knowledge, no.

But as you point out, you could add 0 inside the

Indeed! And I guess it’s always possible to use some external XML (de)serializer to make things that load/saves or look like the native Renoise formats. Still thinking it’s a pity, since doc:load_from(xml) and doc:save_as(xml) is “almost there”! (I think the support for attributes is the only thing missing)

Funny thing regarding this… patterntrack data in .xrns use , while note data in clipboard-buffer (selection) still pads empty lines with . The latter format is thereby more compatible with what the Document API can load and handle.

Thanks for confirming!