Importing Ideas To Renoise


I was wondering if it is possible to program renoise using a programming language.

In particular, I have a piece of code that computes complex note / sample information (minimalist phasing for example) and was wondering if I could somehow import that into renoise and listen to it there with all my renoise effects and vsts etc. It would be most practical if I could do this without having to reload a file into renoise as that takes time.

At the moment, I can export my note information as a midi file from my program and then import it into a DAW, but that is a really slow way of auditioning ideas.

An alternative might be for me to generate midi data and send it to renoise in a realtime fashion. Is there a good midi API for c++ which might help me do this?

Any ideas or suggestions?



If you’re already developing in C++, I guess one could consider VST an “API” for most DAWs…

There was a thread about scripting Renoise here.

On linux you can use alsa midi, it’s pretty easy to program. But there are also things like portmidi and probably more. The OS specific API’s aren’t that hard either, just take a peek at the manual and you’ll figure it out in no time.

Couldn’t you export your data as XML to the clipboard and then just paste into a track in Renoise ?
Seems like that would be the quickest way to work right now