Importing It-files

I’ve looked using the search engine if this has been proposed before. It turned up negative, so here goes:

It would be cool if it were possible to read pattern data and/or samples from Impulse Tracker files.

I’ve recently switched from IT and have a truckload of unfinished and semi-finished tracks in that format. I would love to be able to import and build upon them in Renoise.

If it’s too bothersome to integrate it into the main program, an external conversion utility would certainly be a nice addition.

I must admit I haven’t. So something tells me I should’ve! :blink:

In that case: egg + face = me

It does load IT files. The true support is pretty lousy, but you can at least redo your song with the sample-set you have.
You really have to fix a lot of misinterpreted settings here are a few:
Some (or probably all) ping-pong looped sample settings are being loaded as “forward” loops… very irritating.
Some pitch envelope values are not being loaded at all.