Importing Midi File

I’m having some trouble importing midi files. Basically what I tried to do was slice up a break in Kontakt 2, then export the slices as a midi file. Then I wanted to import the midi file into Renoise and just use different drum sounds with the same feel. The problem I’m having is that when I drag in the midi file, all the other tracks, if there are any, disappear. This is probably a normal midi import issue, but I’ve never really used midi files so it’s new to me. Is there any way to import midi files on one track without affecting everything else? The bpm also changes which can be undone, but that suggests to me that midi files overwrite everything.
Any help is appreciated.
Cheers guys.

Ah, there is not a smart way in current Renoise unfortunately, but there is a workaround.

Start two Renoise, one for midi import, and another for normal song.
Then you can copy & paste the midi-track data (only one pattern though) by clipboard.
If the midi file is including two or more patterns, you have to repeat copy & paste for every pattern.

Indeed, we hope this behavior will be improved.

equivalently to an xrns, rns, it or xm, renoise assumes a midi file to be a “song” and not a single track.
currently, there is no “load track” option, no matter for what format.
but i think the workaround satobox mentioned is a pretty good alternative for this matter.

Thanks guys.

I guess I can add improved midi file support to my renoise wish list. I gotta admit though…you guys always have a trick to get around any shortcomings of the program.