Importing Midi - Issue With Process

Hi all,

I already have a complicated project open in RENOISE and have to import another complicated section of midi from SONAR. Clever peeps here had suggested opening a new RENOISE project and opening the midi file within that and then copy/paste it to the Original RENOISE project. This is a good way to work around the problem of importing a midi file but it leave me with a problem I’m stuck on.

The bpm is 180 on Renoise & Sonar but in Renoise I have it running at double speed (03) and the pattern length at 128 to give me more resolution on the tracker. Now when I open the SONAR midi file in a new Renoise file it imports standardly as normal speed (06) and default pattern length of 64. So when copying the midi from this file to the original Renoise file, it only fills have of the pattern and is obviously at double tempo. I can’t figure out a way around this but hoping you good folks have a solution?

I hope I explained this issue well enough and fingers crossed for a work around.

Thanks for your time…

not sure if I understand the problem correctly but you could fiddle about with the Advanced Edit buttons

you won’t be able to do it all automated with this, you’ll have to edit is by hand to suit your needs

The expand button should stretch the selection to twice it’s size.

“Preferences > Im/Export > MIDI Import”

Cheers Guys.

Perfect. Just what I needed. I love SONAR to bits and Renoise comes a close 2nd but I must say this forum is on the ball.

Thanks again! ;>

you can easily turn a 64 step pattern to 128 step pattern using the expand command ( advanced edit )