Importing Mp3 Audio - "install Quicktime"

Can we get support for LAME, even if we have to download the .dll seperately i’m sure many other people would happily just download one dll file rather than having constant annoying popups about updates they don’t want/need for software they don’t want/use.

xx matt

Thankfully, you do not actually have to install Quicktime. There’s Quicktime Alternative which is a lightweight replacement that provides the functionality without Apple’s crappy player.

I think this should work anyway, been a while since I tried it on a fresh install of Windows.

I used to have Apple Quicktime installed myself, but I later removed it and installed this Quicktime Alternative instead. Everything seems to be working fine in Renoise, so I guess it’s fine.

Hmm… I still do not get the idea. Why install all that Quicktime stuff (even alternative), when a simple lame dll would be enough to support mp3?

thanks for the tip dblue, ive allready installed the quicktime player. and i really dont like it.

But it’s not just MP3 - Quicktime allows Renoise to load MP3, AAC and OGG samples. I don’t personally know the full reasons behind the Renoise team’s decision to use it, but I assume that some thought went into it, and it was eventually decided that Quicktime would be a good choice when considering both Windows and Mac users. It’s just one of those packages that pretty much everyone has installed in some form or another.

Edit: I just read through a recent post by taktik that said this:

So… I dunno… maybe MP3 can finally be moved over to a lib like lame afterall?

Aaaaahh, yes… I remember now. That mess. :wacko:

I believe the reason is that MP3 is patented, and that the patent is owned by a german company (Fraunhofer Society)

Using the Quicktime API avoids any legal problems, because Quicktime is a legit company that pays royalties on the MP3 patent, or at least has the financial muscle to dispute any legal issues. Every other solution is not technically legal. Both Renoise and Fraunhofer are German, this causes legal headaches Renoise would rather not deal with.

I use QT Lite since a long time. It work perfectly.

but like with reaper, it just says when you first to try to use an mp3 file in it, “please download the lame codec from (download page url)” and place it in your reaper folder

you download it, you copy and paste it into your folder, it then works. is this not a path renoise can go down?


Hi guys, i have another possible solution for the renoise team but this is for mp3’s only. I am currently programming a live performance dj software and came across the mp3 licensing problem. As far as i know each os has its own licensed mp3 decoder. I myself am using the built in windows decoder with no problems. Maybe the team can set the os mp3 decoder as the default decoder or have the option to choose another from a list of installed decoders. Most people will be using either wavs or mp3’s as samples so this little fix may be just the ticket for most here.


The main problem is that there is no generic MP3 library for all platforms that Renoise supports.
It is already a pity that Linux has no Quicktime port. This means that support for two kinds of MP3 libraries have to be maintained while it would have been nice if the same library could be used on all three platforms.

Using Lame would make it perfect since there seem to be a port on most systems. But i believe that it is not allowed to make an API library publically available on the internet so for that, there is no generic LAME library that works the same on all three platforms. This last thing makes things again rather more complicated than easy.
But perhaps it might be worth a try:

Another thing about LAME is that it is not really MP3 even though it can process MP3.
(so for that i don’t understand why there aren’t generic binaries spread around)

the QT alternive version doesnT seem to work for me?!

This would indeed work (license wise). Which windows components do you use? DirectShow?


think ive got it :unsure: seems i just needed visual cc or something - it works fine now!

many thanks