Importing Of Octamed Tracks

Hello, still relatively new to renoise, but learning slowly how to use it.

What I would really find useful is the ability to import songs from OctaMED (MMD0/1 files). I now only use MIDI, and have decided to phase out my Amiga, but would like to be able to load these tracks into renoise to make modifications. Is there a known procedure for this, or does anyone know what might be worth trying?

In-Fluence :yeah:

there is a small free tool for amiga (search the aminet): “med2xm” … you can convert the MMD0-3 (MED) format to XM (fasttracker) … and it’s possible to load XM into Renoise! it’s not the best solution - a big problem are the not right converted note-offs (or holds in MED) … try it

i pray some time the devs will include MED-import (i think it’s too simple for the devs :D that’s why other things are more important!?) …

Thanks Alexander, speedy response, I’ll give that a try.

If the renoise coders are reading, please implement this! :D It’ll convince me to buy it, and increase my learning curve exponentially as I’ll be able to translate those alternative codes into something I’ll understand fully (I know my tunes), and be able to use in future tracks.

Please please please please please!


Please click below to listen to what madness I’ve flogged out of the last legs of OctaMED, & my MIDI gear.


Just reading up on the help file for med2xm, it says it doesn’t support MIDI instruments at all, so completely useless for me I think. I’ll still give it a try, but would plead even more to the Renoise coders to implement this. My guess is there might be quite a few people porting over from OctaMED, and it would be a good reason to purchase Renoise. I’m still a little dubious about it’s stability at the moment, but I’m sure adding such a comparatively simple conversion tool either into the program or as a standalone extra wouldn’t be too tricky for you genius’s eh? Thanks anyway.

what are midi-instruments: a midi-channel and a maybe a bank/preset-number … ;) med2xm don’t convert this but it converts the instrument name … you can setup the channel/bank/preset/duration by hand in renoise after converting … the important thing are the note-datas … and this works with med2xm …

another thing in med2xm … you have to transpose the whole song one octave up or down in med before converting (don’t remeber exactly) for getting the right note-octaves in renoise.

Of course! Thanks again. I’ll post my results when I find the time to go through this process.

Well, I got pretty far with it. It reported loads of errors on conversion, including all my midi controller data, which is quite a bummer, (all the 3xxx commands). So all filters, volume, panning, were lost, all note off’s (which it said in the readme with med2xm anyway) and some notes were missing. Plus, you must transpose two octaves down before converting.

Perhaps a simpler & more useful request (if it isn’t already available), would be to have a “find & replace” notes feature. This would speed up conversions or general edits a bit. Oh, and the ability to transpose the entire song as well (don’t want much do I) :D

One more thing, how would you go about automating the tempo of a track, would I have to use a plugin? Or just information on changing the timing, eg from 4/4 to 3/4 without changing the bpm would be useful, i.e. for beat switching pendulum style.