Importing Samples

The manual mentions an external sample editor from which Renoise can import a sample – I’m not sure what that means. Is it possible to use any .wav file as a sample by importing it to Renoise? What is the difference between copying any .wav file to the clipboard and using an external sample editor?



When the manual states that data can be copied to the clipboard and then brought into Renoise, it is my understanding that they mean that you can use a separate audio editor such as Audacity which allows for the Windows Cut, Copy, and Paste commands (CTRL+X, +C, and +V, respectively) and move the selection into Renoise’s sample editor window for further editing. There shouldn’t be any difference between copy-pasting a waveform from an external editor into Renoise’s and simply importing the .WAV file from the Disk Browser, as far as I know. I can’t see any reason for a discrepancy to appear.

That said, if your plan is to simply import entire .WAV files, copy-pasting them from another program is a really roundabout way to do it. You really should just open them from inside the Renoise browser.

The way this process is described in the manual is not very clear – it makes much better sense to say that one can open any .wav file in Renoise and import it as a new sample.

Thanks for your reply.

Note that Renoise doesn’t support all formats, but it supports .ogg, .aif, .aiff, .mp3, and, of course, .wav.

Well… Technically, Renoise can import whatever the heck you throw at it, including non-audio files. The results will be pretty questionable if it’s not one of those formats, however ^_^

Just a side comment: We’re a fairly non-apple household, and go as far as to not install quicktime (which is required to import mp3s). I was surprised that even after the Shark Codecs for Windows 7, it was still was asking for QT. I ended up using the appropriately named QuickTime Alternative 1.81- and it worked perfectly well.