Impressions Of Renoise In Cubase Via Rewire.

What’s a negative note off?

Something that Cubase probably has.

Ok. I’m an awfully bad person, but I just couldn’t resist.

what it sounds like i guess. a note-off that cuts the note before the OFF note comes in the pattern editor. I just use the FX effect usually when i wanna do that though so idk

When I crash my Ferrari into a brick wall, I like how it crashes and crumples compared to how my Porsche crashes and crumples.

yeah i get it, i havent used any other daw extensively though. i like the sound though, like i like the sound of a ferrari crashing into a brick wall at 120mph

why are you guys so keen on not clipping anyway? fuck everything

It’s simple. Some people like quality. Some people don’t. I’m of the former.

I have been on a couple of forums with hexfix93. He is a passionate guy and has a unique personality.

I am pretty live and let live about these things.

shouldn’t it be a -1 then? or are you trying to bash the idea?

i think it’s because i dont have a good sound setup, will in a little bit though. the issue for me has been amplifying a clipped track on my speakers past a certain point without distortion but it happens with unclipped shit for me, just not as quickly. i’m learning!!! started making music regularly last year heh

i spent my teenage years listening to metal though

If you like the ‘crunch’ of things, check out analogue saturation. Same idea, but much more lovely and juicy. ;)

I thought he had come to the conclusion he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about (re. DAW audio quality), was going to whinge and flounce from Renoise because of things it lacks, rather than do the sensible thing and learn how to use ReWire to use with another DAW (Cubase) to provide the best of both worlds.

I would somewhat disagree with your first assessment. While it appears he did draw some erroneous conclusions based on old data, I would not go so far as to say he was clueless. He seems to be one of those people who feel strongly about his opinions and is very vocal about them, and that tends to rub many people the wrong way. Leastwise, that is my take on the situation. It is just one of those personality things.

Also, he seemed to be quite fond of Renoise. I did not notice any whining about it.

However, your last statement is spot on. I use Renoise rewired to Reaper, and I am very happy with this arrangement.

I have really come to appreciate all the expertise on this forum.

cool. played with a few preamps and i like the sound a lot, i’ll try out some tube plugins and stuff some more

can you make some audio recordings, please ? :D

love this! keep at it cat hero