Impressions Of Renoise In Cubase Via Rewire.


This explains a lot.

You should not be doing that.

Why are you still using Cubase hexfix93? I thought you had come to the conclusion that Cubase sucks?
The only remedy is to stop using it, whining gets you nowhere.

that’s fun

What is it whit this guy? If I don’t like something I don’t go around telling everybody how much I don’t like it…


Here’s what’s going on:

Renoise has a soft saturation algorithm that sits on the master channel. It’s on by default but it can be turned off. It’s there to stop people who don’t know what they’re doing from getting digital distortion when they clip their mixes.

Cubase does not have soft saturation on its master channel by default. That’s presumably because they assume that someone who drops the $500 on Cubase will understand that clipping is bad.

You could achieve similar results in Cubase by dropping their tube emulator (is it still called DaTube?) and then a limiter on the master channel. However, strapping a limiter on the master channel and then pushing everything in the red is a great way to get a shitty sounding mix. That goes for Renoise as well as Cubase.

…And it came to whining again.
It was obvious after a couple of your latest posts that you’re trying to put some pressure on devs. But as much I know about psychology such methods result in a negative way for yourself.
My gf won’t cook for me either if I’ll bitch about her cooking skills.

Could you possibly stop trolling? Then people might start to listen to you.

Oh so true…


Funny to read hexfix’s comments in the quotes even though he removed his own.
A pity i couldn’t quote the last one.

Hehe, he said we are jerks and that he was going to email some guys. :P
Sorry hex, i don’t hate you and i’m shure no one else here do either, i just find your comments funny. ;)

Well, email is always welcome, even if they contain heavy critics.
If that makes people feel better then (i hope)

i like the way renoise clips, i go over the mark quite a bit :s

I hope the Renoise developers integrate a clip based approach in the future

+1 for negative note-offs