Improve MIDI modwheel, pitchbend and aftertouch recording

Please change it in the folllowing way:

  • As soon as there is a Instr. MIDI Control device available for the played / midi recorded instrument available in the same track, record pitchbend, modwheel and aftertouch into that device, instead writing ugly, cluttered pattern commands, using high precision. Also then you could record all at once :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Make it possible to write a tool doing the above, if you are not willing to change this. I think then it should be possible to read pitchbend, modwheel, aftertouch via LUA, and disabling the default recording way. Maybe no need for OSC server even?

Thanks for consideration.

P.S. Also I have a question: If I record notes and modwheel to a first track, and then record pitchbend to a second track, without any notes in it, will Renoise then replay modwheel + pitchbend?