Improve the export options

(Meef Chaloin) #1

At the very least there should be the 4 icons to change locations but also would be great if there was a drop down for previous locations. It quickly gets very tedious moving around.

MP3 support, now the codec is free why not? I would find it very handy for exporting a mix ready to put on my mp3 player. Other formats would be good, ogg etc.

Some kind of queue support would be good if more formats are added, like in reaper where you can set up multiple exports to happen in one pass.

When setting a pattern selection to export, highlight the area being exported (or darken/blur the unexported areas).

(ffx) #2

Cool would be to be able to trigger a lua script afterwards, or a hook in the lua api that will trigger after a completed render, so you don’t have to rebuild the whole dialogue only to add some fancy magic afterwards (currently it only seems to be possible to run the renderer).

For example, I would like to run a (lua) script with give file path, that runs a m4a encoder afterwards.