Improved Amplifier For Sample Editor Please !

Pressing that button only gives u the option of amplifying the whole selection , im just talking about a liner fade
say i wanted to fade it out 100% - 50% but with renoise fade out u are limited to 100% - 0% (or fading in 0% - 100%)
Curves is another idea but i want more control of my samples!!

Also it shouldnt be high on the ‘to-do’ list i know that , but isnt this a fairly easy thing to program in ?? its a modification of the current amplify button , I challenge anyone to load up FT2 and tell me its a useless feature!!

How about a graphical envelope tool for the sample editor?

First we’d get a new button in the sample editor: (forgive the shitty icon, it’s a 2 minute job)

Clicking this would toggle the envelope editor overlay:

Most of the standard envelope controls could still apply here, such as the number of points, interpolation type, etc. The envelope should also respond to the zoom/scrolling control in the sample editor, so that we can get in closer to create fine details. The envelope itself should obviously span the entire duration of the sample, regardless of the sample’s length.

When you are finished creating an envelope curve that you like, you would press the “Apply Envelope” button. The sample would then be processed and now its volume would be altered to fit the shape of the envelope you created. We could also use the envelope preset buttons to store any particular curve we wish: linear, logarithmic, etc, etc., making this flexible enough to handle any kind of weird needs the user might have (and therefore avoiding the need to add several unnecessary extra buttons for other curve types).


Yup, would be nice just like that dblue!

I think this would best come after Renoise loses its ticks (so to speak), because they reduce the resolution you can work at.

Might maybe not be the right topic for this kind of discussion, but this really doesn’t have anything to do with ticks.

Why on earth must everything thats bad have something to do with either ticks or George W. Bush? Ticks are a design, not a limitation. Ticks allow you do quickly compose a 4/4 BD line in a few seconds with a few key strokes, instead of having to paint something with the mouse.

Excellent suggestion and presentation dblue. Well, as usual!

“This really doesn’t have anything to do with ticks”

envelopes in automation editor :rolleyes:

Sorry, I shall rephrase.

I think this would best come after Renoise loses George Bush (so to speak), because they reduce the resolution you can work at.


Nice idea.
I use the envelope amplifier in Adobe Audition all the time.
It works just like this layout.
It also got a vertical scale (in %). Would be lovely to have that directly in Renoise.

The thing is, the existing sample fade in/out functions are not tick-based (as far as I can tell), so why should this envelope idea be tick-based? In my mind it would be a per-sample process and it would be totally smooth. The processing of the envelope would not be related to song playback in any way, it would be a non-critical (ie. non-realtime) function which could be perfectly accurate down to the sample.


That’s good to know. To be honest, I don’t know anything about programming or how Renoise technically works, I just assumed that it would be tick based like all of the other non destructive editing processes seem to be. Excuse my ignorance. This feature would certainly be nice however it is implimented anyway :)

Well, just so that we’re absolutely clear on this, this would be a destructive process, ie. it would be permanently changing the sample data.

The non-destructive method would of course be to simply use the existing instrument envelopes, which are most definitely tick-based.

Yeah, this has also been discussed in the past. Check my second post in this thread, for example.

The picture dblue put together is nice.

Except I’d like the envelopes (vol, pan, pitch) to affect the sample without having to “apply it” the sample. So it would work non destrictively.
You can already do this with the inst. envelopes, but you’re then tied to the song tempo (ticks…) and you don’t have per sample control with a visual sample background. So such a feature in the sample editor would definitely make sense to me.

Im confused!

This topic was started to do with the fade in , fade out controls not being configurable enough.
I like DBlue’s idea for applying the selection to the sample (maybe 100% should be in the centre of the sample)
But going a bit off topic now with regards to ticks and instrument editor envelopes, it should be under a new topic to do with moving the instrument editor envelopes to a graphical display overlaying the actual sample.
I just want better sample editor tools and to feel less restricted in how i make a fade in or fade out…

On a different note , why are 3 ticks used to represent a true BPM ? wouldnt 4 make more sense for sequencing!?

Yes and I (and perhaps someone else too) think that this feature you request should simply come in a pack with Sample Envelopes or something like that, which would allow you to do what you requested and much more.

I don’t think separate buttons just to control fade in/out are justified. But then again I don’t know how exactly the -+200% controls you were referring to would look like or how they looked in FT2, so apologize in advance if I missed something…

Great topic! I really miss the “fade graphic” from Sound Forge when dealing with samples in Renoise, so this would really make me happy too =)

Exactly what I was thinking of :)

Just missed this today when tried to adjust hits in drum loop. :)

i soo much would like to see this in renoise,that would be maximum sweet :w00t:

Yeah that would be nice but a total ovewrkill for f.ex. adjusting one drum hit in a loop. I would so much like to see a simple fading/adjusting option at selected sample range.

Maybe a volume curve only for selection and if no selection is made then a whole sample?

Couldn’t agree more with dblue’s suggestion. That method would also help me out with the actual amplifier (when you got a very low volume sample and you want to give it a boost, all you’ve got is the little button which gives you numbered amount on how much you want to boost or decrease the volume… and I really never liked this.)

I seriously like the idea of being able to draw that sort of an envelope on top of the sample. I’d also like to see the waveform in the instrument edit window as well. Would help a tad when creating e.g. panning envelopes.

If you only use one sample-slot that might work out, but with a multisample instrument it is a bit hard to perform envelope tuning on a specific sample while it does not apply to the rest in the array.