Improved Editstep and Quantize Function

Let me describe:
You’d have an option somewhere, where you’d choose either the current mode for editstep and quantize (steps by lines) or a new, musical, mode.
Why a musical mode? Because we now have LPB. B stands for beat, and this is already a musical value (1/4th of a measure). So edistep and quantize would simply calculate and insert notes in the right lines, according to LPB.

When you’d switch to the “musical editstep/quantize” mode you’d have options like 1/2, 1/4, 1/32, 1/4T, 1/8T… instead of number of lines. Edistep/quantize would also input notes with appropriate delay values in the delay column (if necessary). (Optionally, it could input Dx values in the pan column.)

(edit: added quantize… how could I forget that one :wacko:)

(I’ll reply here since ermi’s explanation is good.)

+1 :)
Though there is a problem a bit in the GUI space.


When the Note icon is on, Editstep becomes musical mode.
When off, it is current normal mode.

Yeah, that’s a related suggestion, but it seems like it was limited to only the LPB value in the first post.

Nice. Even tho if we had this for both edistep and quantize (I edited the first post) it would make more sense for the switch to be somewhere else - in the preferences or song settings, perhaps as a “global” setting for both.

(can mods please change the main title to “Improved Editstep and Quantize Function”? - k thx :)).

on a topic of improved editstep let me add something i’d love to have let’s call it “intelligent edit step”

imagine we have a track with written something like this





now the point of activated intelligent step would be to jump to next inputted note - straight from C-4 to A-4 and from A-4 to B-4 without need to change editstep, would make editing much faster and would help a lot with triplets etc

another thing i’m “fighting” for is a chord mode where in a track that has for example 4 rows

it would not go to next edit step until all four rows are filled

if these both modes could be turned on at the same time, writing chords - that can be quite pain in the ass now would be much easier.

There’s a keyboard function for that. Check your shortcut bindings.

A beat is determined by the x/y marking, whatever that was called. So 3/4 would have three quarter note beats whereas 7/8 would have seven eighth note beats. Also there’s some exceptions that are not really relevant in computer music, so I’ll not get into them.

Yeah, I was keeping it simple with 4/4.
But I’d really like to see quantize for triplets as well. (Also in the sample editor.) Triplets are popular enough, and not only in slow ballads. They gained a popularity in some hip hop beats recently (from 2000 on, Heatmakers ecc.).

You’re in for a treat - try holding shift depressed while entering notes ;)

That’s really amazing! could have saved me a lot of arrow pressing.
And from now on, it will! Thanks.

it works but it’s also kind of lame - no offense, you can only play chords with one hand that way, and it’s a tricky to do so on a midi keyboard

it’s all about upgrading workflow imo, it would be optional and very usefull imo

+1 love that one

+1 for musical measure fractions (1/2,1/3,1/4,1/5,…)

would be handy and save some headaches

So how about possibility to config renoise to musical measures altogether in prefs?

Or with a button-switch?