Improved Keyboard Input For Menus

First of all i want to congratulate the Renoise team on the release of 2.0. Renoise has been one of the most persistently impressive packages i’ve worked with, and the fact that 2.0’s MIDI handling outdoes most directly comparable products on the market (Live included) just bowls me over.

This is a killer application, and i personally can’t wait until my license runs out so i can pay for it again.

Then to the bitching and moaning ;)

The search filter box for plugins and effects is absolutely brilliant, but i keep finding myself wanting to use arrow keys up/down to select from the filtered list. As it is, i click on the instrument menu, the ginormous list pops up, i type in my search, and then i have to press esc to move the keyboard focus to the list and navigate it with the arrow keys. I personally find the esc step a little… Odd… Is there a reasoning behind it or just how it’s turned out because of how the components are used application wide?

I’d love to see arrow keys up/down remain active when typing in filters.

Super small thing. But i think it’d be more intuitive for new users, and more convenient in the long run.