Improved management of AUs

@taktik Found some info about macos AudioComponentRegistrar and wanted to share with you. Regarding the audiounit scanning, you might

  • restart the “AudioComponentRegistrar” process before scanning, so AudioUnits, which were installed after renoise was opened, will be found, too. Please read here:

  • as well use that AudioComponentRegistrar for fully search audiounits, so getting rid of you own custom code?

Currently Renoise always needs to be restarted, for seeing newly installed AUs. So manual scanning is a bit misleading here, the way it currently behaves.

That’s a big hack, really and may break other things. Even if it does not now, it may break in future OSX releases.

You still can do a “killall -9 AudioComponentRegistrar” manally, if you really want.

Sure, but aren’t a lot of things in macOS hacks these days? But I get your point. I wonder if there is any way to communicate with AudioComponentRegistrar in a way Apple wants it? I guess not :smile: