Improved Midi File Import

I just learned that midi files can’t be imported as tracks. Only entire songs.
I don’t use midi files for much, but I’ve started slicing drum breaks in Kontakt 2 just to export and use the midi files for the groove of the break. Basically take the midi data and change the hits. However, since Renoise doesn’t handle midi files as tracks but as entire songs the only way to do this is a little odd. I was told by the, always helpful, forum experts that I can open renoise twice and basically copy and paste from the midi file project. A good work around and I’m thankful for it, but midi file import seems like something that should probably be improved. I’m a sucker for having basic features implemented first, before cooler stuff I suppose.
Hope this get’s some consideration. But first things first… Record count in please.
Cheers guys.