Improved Plugins List

Alright, there’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and someone might already have suggested this, but here goes.

What I want is an enhanced plugins list.
The one we already have, for VSTs and DSPs should be more like the one for VSTi’s.
You know?

When I need to find a DSP or VST I always have to scroll forever. I’ve got litteraly hundreds of VSTs, and I know I can just type in the name of the plugin I want to find, and KAZAM, there it is, but still, I don’t always know which one I want, I just want a overview. I mean, who remembers the names of 500 vsts anyway?

But, like the title says, this is just a suggestion, just hope I’m not too demanding here :)

Love Renoise! Yay!



The vst list can be improved for sure.

You can already it improve the search now by renaming often used vst, putting their ‘type’ in the front of the actual name like; reverb Ambience … , distortion Ohmicide or whatever you decide is handy.

A few years ago, before the ‘more’ button underneath the disk op existed, I was pushing a Fl studio’s like browser on the left of the screen. It would be something like an eternally collapsed vst list, but not minimizable vertically like it now, but horizontally, just like the advanced edit.

I liked fl studio’s browser (dunno if it is still build like this?) where everything; samples, presets, effects can be accessed in one window on the left and dragged or double clicked into the project.

For me, having two monitors, it would also be cool to have floating windows, so you can have the browser open on another screen.

So many options head assplodes

This should be optionally, my install folder is a mess and it is hard to fix as re-arranging or renaming the folders might fuck up initialization in Renoise.

Wow, that’s pretty logical, but I haven’t thought of it before, you’re right!
I’ma check into this :) thanks for the advice

If it wasn’t clear from my description :) , make sure you rename the plugins in renoise and not in your installation folder as this won’t hurt any references to registry files or whatever a plugin might be dependent on to open!

different people, different preferences. i am definitely an ‘organize on disk’ type of guy. mentioned this somewhere before i think, but i hate ID3 tags for example. my entire MP3 collection is properly sorted, named and in folders and subfolders. same thing with my vst-folder, so i was also a bit disappointed with the way Renoise organizes my vsts, and therefore i understand the problem here.

i like the idea of a big-ass total browser, like the one Jonas was talking about in FL. it would make sense to put everything in one place, it seems.

maybe this can be made in a tool?