Improved SFZ Support

When dealing with SFZ files in Renoise, I’m disappointed that some data isn’t imported or exported, such as:

  • Envelopes (Amplitude, Pitch & Filter)
  • LFOs (Amplitude, Pitch & Filter)

I’m sure there’s more missing, but those are the main ones I really miss. Many soundfonts use single-cycle waveforms and rely on the envelopes and LFOs to give the sound its character.

Here’s a short list of features included in SFZ V1.0.
Here’s a huge list of the features that have been included in the the SFZ format over the years.

Renoise being (ingeniously) designed around sample-based instruments, there’s so much potential when working with soundfonts (VEL, PAN, FX columns/commands).

Rather than relying on a tool, it makes more sense for Renoise to provide better support for this file format natively, considering Renoise already added support for SFZ import/export in 3.1. Creating a tool at this point would largely be reinventing the wheel.

I’m curious if anyone else has missed these features and would be excited for SFZ support to be further developed!


Upon further examination, I think I now understand Renoise’s implementation of SFZ support.

SFZ support isn’t really intended to be used to import complete soundfonts. Rather, it’s used as a component of modularized Renoise Instrument import/export, in which the SFZ format is utilized to import/export only Sample/Keyzone layouts.

Here are some of the formats used in this modularized instrument component import/export scheme:

  • Phrases: .xrnz
  • Keyzone/Sample Layout: .sfz
  • Sample: .wav, .flac
  • Modulation Set: .xrno
  • FX Device Chain: .xrnt

And of course, if one wishes to save the entire instrument as one single file, it can be exported to .xrni.

In this context, I now believe full soundfont import/export support could be appropriate as a tool, or a brand new feature in a new Renoise update.