Improved Track Colors

Probably this idea has already came up earlier, but I didn’t find anywhere in the forum. It would be nice to improve somehow the track colouring, especeially in the pattern editor view.
I think, It is much easier to separate (and recognize) tracks during editing, if you can see the track’s own color in the entire pattern editor.

Here is a simple mockup with some random notes on it, sorry for the quality:


Here is a second version, where the tracks are much more separated from each other:

yeah the current track coloring doesn’t do much for me and I have turned it off, your mock-up already is an improvement, but I wouldn’t mind an even extremer possible setting.

i like this. it looks good too, no need to excuse yourself for quality.
did you not edit the master and send tracks with your suggestion on purpose or did you just forget them?

I was just too lazy to make the send & master tracks colouring too.

Btw. It is just one way to make the whole pattern editor (and the tracks) a bit more cleaner, and separated.
As Jonas said, there could be more extreme solutions, like an option to set custom background color for the
whole track, or something like that.

yeah, forgot to reply to Jonas’ post.
personally, i wouldn’t want my Renoise to turn into some kind of circus with colored track backgrounds etc, and that’s why i really like your proposal/mockup, because it is clean but effective. of course the track backgrounds would be optional, but i still like this idea better.

I hope the future should be carefully considered in this matter. Maybe there will be clips having different colors, for example.

Edited the original post, and added a new mockup.

Very nice, clean improvement and mockup. Definitely +1, especially this thiner version. Individual backgrounds for tracks would be IMHO too much some kind of circus, but this is so clean way to improve track separation.

I like this.

If implemented I’d even enable the track colors.

+1 Nice and clean mockup

There is something similar in reViSiT:

I like this a lot. I’d also like to see something similar applied to the scopes.

I’d love to see this too.

Here’s another mockup for ya (think of it like it’s +1) :P

well, here’s my +1 then.

+1 nebidaans suggestion, i’d love to see this.

HOWEVER - where can I enable the track colours - in OSX version of Renoise?
(sorry - newbie user on Mac, usually running Windows where things feel more familiar :)

Super slick styles.

dBlue had a fantastic mockup of track coloring during the 2.6 beta. I believe those threads are archived or inaccessible. Anyway, the thread was extensive and had some great ideas behind track color logic. puts away carrot and stick

edit: just remembered he’s a part of the dev team now, so perhaps this has a good chance of being implemented.

Beta/archived threads are visible to all again.