Improvement Of Instrument Capture

This or similar ideas has been suggested before, but I thought I’d bump it and also give a better explanation…

Capture instrument (and auto-capture) are great features! Personally I use the manual capture all the time. There is a couple of things that keeps bugging me a bit though.

First off, capturing the instrument from the next/previous patterns doesn’t work. For example you have made for a bass line on track 1 and some other stuff on the other tracks on pattern 1. When you create a new pattern 2 and step down to it to continue the bass line, it’s impossible to capture the bass at that position even though you can see the last note just a few lines up on the previous pattern. This is a very common case for me so I would love to see capture work here.

Secondly, capturing from an empty column when another column in the track already has notes doesn’t work. The scenario is similar - you’ve created for example a melody in column 1 and want to add some second notes in column 2, but to retrieve the instrument you must shift-tab to the last column, press capture and then tab again. No big deal, but it would be even smoother if this extra step wasn’t needed.

If this would take too much time to do on each auto-capture, I propose that this extended capture is just done when manually capturing through shift+return.

Yup, capture-priority like, nearest in, if not found then:

  1. column
  2. track
  3. pattern
  4. song

Cheers, this is the way it should work!

Point 3 and 4 are not wise, you would have to turn off the autocapture feature if you would like another instrument than is currently at hand in the pattern or song.

Autocapture sucks ass anyway (from my perspective).

Maybe differentiate the behaviour of auto and manual capture?
Or remove autocapture all together (for my delight)? It’s totally useless (for me).

For you it may be…
For those that use it for instrument switching during live events and need both hands on the synths, they will kill you for that assumption.
If you don’t need a feature, then don’t use it, you have the option to turn it on when needed.

You might be right. Edited.

Actually it would be nice if it searched through following patterns, to find the next instrument played on track.

Just thought of this too when making an intro to a song :rolleyes: