Improvement OSX: Listen to device-attached-event

OSX: If Renoise is started and an audio device (firewire, usb etc) is attached, Renoise will not refresh the device list and has to be restarted. It’s common in OSX that the device list will update in this case and also, if a now enabled device was selected previously, it will be selected again.

On the other side, if the sample rate was changed by another audio app, Renoise seems to switch the rate, too. I thought CoreAudio is capable to play on different rates at the same time… Or is this my audio interface?


More in detail: Renoise OSX seems to listen to “device removed”-event, and the list will update then, another available device will be selected.

But the opposite, “device attached”-event, doesn’t work. Maybe this is a regression/bug then?

Hm now I have seen this in another audio app, too. Only finder detects attached devices and selects it automatically.

Oh guys, this “problem” is quite annoying. Imagine this: I do lot of work in Renoise, in the evening I usually put the computer to sleep mode. After system wake up, sometimes the firewire interface is not available immediately. Then I have to restart the Renoise session always, since it only detects device-removed-events. So the internal audio device is only available anymore until restart.