Improvement To The New Midi Input Routing

First, I must say that the new midi input routing feature is amazing, I have been waiting for this for years and the dev team delivered beautifully, thanks a lot guys.

That being said, there is a crucial improvement that would be needed to make this perfect. The ability to set keyboard splits on a single midi device. In addition to choosing the device and channel we should be able to select the keyrange that will be mapped to that specific instrument + track.

Right now it is possible to achieve this with external programs such as MIDI-OX but it would be a million times more convenient if we could setup keyboard splits right into renoise.

how about a native layer device? xrni/vst/midi all in one split keyboard? suggested here

Yes, this would probably work, but what i’m proposing not only would be very easy to implement but would also be less of a hassle if you just want to setup a basic keyboard split using two instruments.