Improvements For Beat Markers On Sample Editor

Probably too late for 2.6 but another discussion in this forum has reminded me of these two niggles for the Beat Markers (Ruler option) in the Sample Editor

Right Click on the top/bottom ruler and make sure it is set to Beats. This then shows you how many beats through the sample you are at any point.

Two enhancements that could be made to in (IMHO anyway.)

When changing note being played with the box below the sample the ruler should also change to show how many Beats if the sample was played on this note.

The sub-divisions should match the Beats Per Line value, and thus show how many lines, not always be set at 4.

Change the basenote and find out… the beats are based on the base-note of the sample.

Yeah I know that. But on the Sample Editor page you have the option for changing what note it is played in when using the Play button. Also if you change the Base Note you have to change the other direction, so it takes more thinking as 4 semi-tones up from C4 is E4 (a nice third) so you might think you want a third down (A3) whereas in fact it’s G#3. This is going to be confusing for people who don’t have much classical music training.

Surely following the note you are telling to be the base note for the Sample Editor Window makes much more sense?

It would still change with the base note as well obviously. Just extra on top of that.