Improvements On The Beatslicing

Would it be possible that… instead of jumping to a sample slot every time I hit a key a slice is mapped to, it merely marks the slice in the sample editor? It would give us so much more oversight over the slices in relation to each other. It makes slicing the sample on the fly so much easier.

Basically. When I hit the key the slice is mapped to, stay in the large sample, just highlight the slice in the sample editor to see which one I’m playing.

It would still jump to a sample slot in the ‘instrument settings’, so we can edit the volume/panning/pitch/(and pleaseeee, custom envelope per sample slot? pretty please?).

Also, can C4 be the basenote for the whole sample rather than B3? Or can I edit it myself to be the default basenote? It doesn’t make much sense to have it drop from C4 to B3.


this would be useful for me too! especially when you wanna adjust the length of, say a snare, and remove the “click”-sound that often occurs when the sample is sliced before the sound “ends”, its kinda annoying that it automatically zooms in on just the sliced portion.

+1 from me too. I also find the auto-zooming a bit annoying. Perhaps a “lock view to full sample” flag on sliced samples would be neat?

Glad I’m not the only one. :)

OH. And before I forget. Also an option for 09xx style triggering from the slice? Instead of just playing the slice, start playing the sample at the slice. Sort of like custom 09xx mapping. I know I can trigger using 09xx, but it still only plays the slice itself.

What a coincidence that I ran into this problem yesterday and thought it could be improved somehow.
I like this idea.


My preference is just… playing the slice and highlighting it, but not necessarily zooming into it or scrolling to it. I like being in full control of the slices and if I wanna actually see the slice that is being triggered, I’ll just zoom out or scroll to it myself. Wouldn’t be a hassle at all.

I really just hate seeing the window change just because I ‘do’ something. Because like pleasuretrail said, it’s a bitch to mess with the transients when the view completely changes every time you wanna hear the sample and you have to find the slice back.

I thik it would speed up beatslicing by 300%, especially in, fast, loud breaks and vocal samples, where the hits and sylables are stacked against each other.

untick the 'auto-select played’ check box in the top left corner of the sample editor, now trigger your slices using the keyboard .

I knew I had to ask beforehand. >.>

Plus one from me too!



Maybe in a next Renoise version have it un-tick automatically for slided instruments? This question seems to pop up every now and then, can’t do much anyway in the individual slice windows atm.

As others have said untick Auto Select Played for the main issue in this thread.

I did start trying to write a Tool which would jump to Previous/Next Slice (and hoped for the start of the Slice you have just played at a later date) keeping current Zoom level but unfortunately there didn’t appear to be any access to what you can see in the sample editor via the API. Also think that kind of function should be native really…