Improvements to MIDI live play capture

Maybe it has been up before but it would be really good with some improvements to how Renoise capture MIDI information during live play.

While watching a demo on youtube (they used logic) I was wondering if it wouldn’t be possible to add a similar feature.
The feature itself (for lack of a better explanation) is a buffer-recording.
So basically no note information get added to the project unless you afterwards decide that it should be added.

From a Renoise perspective you could (I guess) do some smart stuff with this before adding the information to the pattern.

E.g. Arranging all the notes so that lowest note is on the left and highest on the right.
Create separate tracks based on octave, insert the captured notes based on pattern length and add patterns as needed etc. etc.

Possibly this could be done via LUA?

This is what I call “takes” - basically, record as many times as you’d like, and when you are done you can decide which bits to keep.

The closest thing to this workflow that I know of is implemented by an excellent little tool called Auto Clone Patterns
What is great about it is that you get the ability to just record away, jamming on top of the patterns you decide to loop.
And, as a sideeffect of Renoise being a tracker, it is easy to regard each of the resulting patterns as a “take” and then delete the parts you don’t like.

As for the sorting of notes, low -> high, this is something I needed myself. I did a modication of Ledgers Reorder Notes by Pitch tool,
you can find my version here (a bit hacky, you need to install Ledgers tool and then overwrite with my file. Note to self: I really should offer it as a separate tool)

Nice, will see how it works :)

Regarding live capture one thing I’d like would be to able to record CX commands in the panning line instead of note-offs for notes shorter than one line. Right now it is a mess to clean up manually if you play stacatto and it does matter for most vst plugins how long the note is hold.