Improving automation and file handling

here are just some suggestions.

-open files from project file option/save files to project file option. in case audio files need to be edited externally.

-change automation grind resolution

-the effects sliders are horizontal. there could be an option in preferences to make them behave vertically. for example: if vertical slide is on, when clicking on the slider and moving vertically the slider moves horizontally.
and also there could be an option to bypass the parameter jump, in case if clicked not on the slider but on the area where slider moves, so it wouldnt jump to the destination of the click, but if moved while the click is on, it would move just like it would if it was clicked right on the slider.

Change automation grid resolution is currently called “Zoom Mode” that you change by setting the 100% to 200%, 400% or 800%.
The pattern size sets the actual grid and when you change the pattern size, you also change the grid layout.

edit:removed answer on request.

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i like the title.
i meant that grind resolution could go smaller. it can get bigger but not smaller.

No. Titles like this one (or “I have a question”, “You gotta see this”, “This sucks” etc.) are bad, and if you like them that means you have bad taste in thread titles and therefore are a bad thread titler. Oh, and welcome to the forum haha :)

Right now the only way is to double the spead and use “expand” in the advanced edit menu. This might require manual editing, depending on the song and how much of it there is, so I’d urge you to make a backup before you start this undertaking.

This is only meaningfull if you could control automation tick-wise by adding points per tick.
Adding points on ticks is currently not possible. Values are interpolated tickwise (when using lineary or curve connections) but point-mode does not support tick-wise values.
This feature is desired by more folks though.