Improving midi recording

Here some points which I think would highly improve the midi recording experience in Renoise. Add your thoughts as you like, please.

  • Midi overdub / overwrite. In intelligent way, so it not just all-the-time erases the track, but only if something is played

  • Metronome volume control (not just config haxx)

  • Highres Automation, in tick resolution, not line only. Internally something like temp. expanding the pattern (but not displaying) would alreadyfix the problem?

  • Pitch bend, aftertouch. etc recordable to midi automation device instead pattern commands, if that button Attachment 7228 not found. is activated

  • Any-slider-recording mode. Right click on a slider and set “record on/off”. A marker appears. all movement will be recorded. Only if edit is enabled. Or an additional button “record automation”.

  • Taking care of pattern boundaries. Currently if a note is added at the end of the pattern, the note-off can then be placed directly after the next note in the next or same (if repeated) pattern, so destroying the first note. It should look ahead for next notes on top or next pattern

  • Note sorting by pitch on-the-fly

  • Live quantization needs to be improved. It’s currently totally imprecise, seems to round not correctly

  • Quantization pattern boundaries… And midi pattern command destruction problems.

  • Auto add midi and instr. automation device + auto setup as soon as a fitting event happens and recording is enabled. or better add it as soon as editing is enabled? ( I would do this in lua myself, if the vst parameters wouldn’t feedback, and the sliders of midi automation device would move remotely like the instr. a. device).

  • Fix vst parameter feedback/loopback with a smart filter.

Maybe I wrote something like this many times. Sorry then, I don’t remember it. Thanks for consideration.

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