Improving missing plugins/presets workflow

If plugins are missing, I would like to suggest the following improvements:

  • On song load, display the actual track names of the songs in which the plugins are missing, not the track number. Nice would be a non exclusive popup, just like a tool, with clickable plugin links jumping to that occurence and listed in a nice table. A window which can stay opened.

  • Highlight the missing plugins in the mixer. Currently it is not possible to see which plugin is missing directly in the mixer view

  • Context menu entry “Rescan” for missing plugins, so if a plugin is missing, you can install it without leaving Renoise and then rescan the plugin database and load the now not missing plugins.

  • The above also for AU, which currently is not possible, due some au database caching or so, Renoise requires a restart for newly installed AUs

  • For presets that are stored in the song data but do not seem to match the AU vendor id etc, a popup requester “Preset data is present, but does not seem to match the plugin. Do you want to try to load it?” or similar, so it then loads the preset without matching ids. So after the AU fixes no one suffers from lost presets.

  • Maybe some mechanism for crossplatform plugin name problems, so it looks for _x64 or without _x64 etc.?

Thanks for consideration.