Improving plugin management - tags for plugins


lately I installed lots of freeware plugins next to commercial plugins. I usually organize my plugins by type, e.g. “delay”, “reverb”, “modulation” etc. dirs… This approach is quite slow and very limited. I loose / forget usually freeware plugins that are now lost in this structure.

It would be nice if you could add (multiple) tags to each plugin, like “freeware”, “chorus” etc. That approach would be a lot more flexible and fast to handle, too.

What do you think about it?

Good idea…

At the moment you can group plugins with the tool at the bottom: as state in the manual:

  • Add To Group: Opens a new dialog box where you enter a name for the group. If it is a new name, then the group will be created and the selected plugin(s) moved under it. If the group already exists, then the plugin(s) will be moved over to the group.

  • Ungroup: (Only available when clicking on an existing group or vendor name) Removes the selected group from the effects list.

  • Rename: (Unavailable for native effects) Opens a new dialog box where you can change the plugin or vendor name. Any changes made here will only be saved within Renoise; the actual plugin name remains the same, since it may be used by other applications.

  • Hide: Excludes a plugin or a category of plugins from the list. This can be useful if you no longer use a plugin, but don’t want to uninstall it because old songs still use it. To make a hidden plugin visible again, enable the “Show Hidden Devices” option, then simply “Unhide” it again.

  • Collapse Whole Tree: Collapses the entire effects list, showing only the Favorites (if any exist), Native and VST categories. Handy if you need to show just a few effects.

  • Expand Whole Tree: The effects list will expand back to its full size again.

  • Show Hidden Devices: Enables hidden plugins to become visible again.

  • Show Short Names: Instead of sorting plugins by vendor, you can also display them as a single list. With this option enabled you can still categorise the plugins by renaming them as described above.


Yes, groups are like dirs. Tagging would be improve the organization a lot.