Improving routing of an instrument into a group of tracks


currently I am using the instrument section mainly for drumsets. Often I have some dsp processing/routing going on in the dsp lanes. If I now leave the routing to “current track” for all dsp lanes, but using the differrent drums on different tracks within a group, Renoise cannot manage the track processing anymore and instead will jump from track to track based on the appearance of a note.

But… Couldn’t exactly this fixed by having a “mixdown to track” option or similar? So the whole instrument was treated like a plain sample? I am even not sure why this has to happen. Looks to me like it could be easily fixed, so you still could use the drumset on any track you want, as long as all routing is set to “current track”…?

Shouldn’t you be routing each fx chain to its intended destination track? Or does that cause problems as well?

Might be simplest to break the kit into multiple instruments if you’re wanting to utilize both instrument and track fx chains

I mean, it would be nice to have it sorted automatically, though… Just seeing this is in ideas and suggestions :upside_down_face:

I think I didn’t describe the problem too well and also mixed up stuff.

Please have a look at this example:
example-not-multiplexed.xrns (525.4 KB)

Snare plays on track 2, but sometimes also on track 1 (which has a low pass). Now each time the snare appears on track 1, the reverb tail of the snare hit from track 2 will be filtered too.

I would expect the snare tail to continue normally, since it was played on track 2.

Maybe like this: If its set to “current track”, each appearance on a new track will grow an array of multiplexing, so Renoise internally does the same as you would have to do manually, by first note appearance.

This target mode could be simply named “auto”. Since Renoise seems to be capable to switch the output on the fly, but this for each dsp lane then which is set to “auto”.

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