improving vst cross platform/update compatibility


as you can see with melda plugins, it uses an additional “.bin” for the executables on macOS. Even worse, Vojtech now changed the plugin names, which does not seem to be a problem on any other DAW except Renoise AFAIK.

So I want to suggest that Renoise starts to use the provided Info.plist entry instead, or adapting to the common scanning practise. Or simplyprovides an additional executable entry in the plugin.sqlite config, which can be filled in in the vst options dialogue. Or similar. I hope you get the idea.

Same happened one for mda plugins, it changed the plugin ids. Besides those two examples, I don’t know any example.

Or another suggestion for usage of the API:

If you could provide access to the original song xml, a observer that kicks in after xml loading and before plugin loading, we could build a simple xml compatibility patcher script, which replaces the pluginidentifiers according to platforms and versions of plugins…

What do you think about it?