Impuls Tracker 3 Is Still Alive

Hi there,

I just got this email…

More info on

quote: “we are trying to do something like Maya is in graphics world”

Hi folks !

You’ve got this email because of being in touch with IT3 (Impulse Tracker) or
Pulse terms in the past. These projects 're still alive but web sites
moved from DSPaudio (Tony Allen) under Orcave’s wings. If you want to be
informed in the future about the status and/or to become a member of
Orcave’s betatesters team, you should visit

Please, be aware that this is the very_last contact we made to this
email address. You don’t need to unsubcribe anywhere.

PLEASE, DO NOT REPLY this email! If you are still having any problem signing
up please contact a member of our support staff at

We’re sorry we sent you this email without your compliance but this was
the only chance to let you know.

Thanks very much, we look forward to see you on site.

Orcave team

e-mail: Web site:

So… finally some news again…

The page on unreal64 was pretty old (some 2 or 3 years now?) so i considered the project… well not dead but hybernated…

It is continuing, but the past has proven that the project got delayed out anyway after a few earlier revivals.
I’m not going to hold my breath on this one.

Yeah, I got the e-mail…

But realistically, I don’t expect a stable version in less than 2 years.

I’ve read about a beta verision around spring 2006.
Then I went with Renoise and I’m happy. :)

I’ll be definitely checking for IT3 as well. But when it’s ready. Like vvoois said I’m not going to hold my breath either.

sounds promising… renoise is already perfect tho, i couldn’t imagine wanting more for a while at least.

i remember i waited for IT3 many years ago, when i tracked with IT2…

Its surprising to hear (for me at least) that this project is still alive. It would be interesting to know what is the concept and features planned for it.

I’m pretty happy with renoise though. I only miss a proper freeze function, like in other “big” sequencers so i could easily free up CPU recourses when needed and maybe little better resolution…

If i remember the screens, there supposed to be a 3d-aural sampler editor and arranger in it…

But can’t find it anymore…

The only screensnippet i found was this one:

And when looking at it: It looks so old-fashioned… :P

me too. then i remember when it changed to dspaudio and now it doesn’t have that name anymore, wow.

agreed… it just looks very cluttered and small.

Starting in 2000, I was excited about “Impulse Tracker 3” coming out. It would be a continuation of the ScreamTracker line. But it never happened.
I saw screenshots, heard rumors…etc

Here we are 5 years later!

During those 5 years, Fast Tracker 3 (turned into Skale). Madtracker 2 stayed strong. Noisetrekker-3-beta came out (and turned into Renoise). Many former trackers went to Fruity Loops and Reason.

Impulse Tracker 3 and “Flaw” never came out.

If you want an Impulse Tracker clone, download Schizm tracker, (or zTracker for midi).

Anyways, the reality is Renoise is the fukken best. Mt2.5 and Skale are holding it down pretty well too. Mt3 will be out eventually. Renoise has some amazing upgrades planned.

I don’t ‘dream’ of IT3 anymore. I think the Impulse Tracker 3 development team might have the ability to plan out a good tracker in 2000, but to create it is different. I can’t wait to download it and play with it (in 2006?). But it’ll take a damn good tracker to make me like it more than Renoise.

i held out for it3 until about 2002, when i started messing with renoise. whenever i read letters from the it3 devs they talk about how they’ve built up and torn down the codebase for it like twice. what i’m wondering is what part of it3 is going to be “impulse tracker”? the interface? keyboard shortcuts? or if they ever release a tracker is it just going to use the name to market itself better?

it3 better one beast of a tracker when it comes out. if they get to benefit from groups like the renoise, skale and mt devs working to keep tracking alive in the modern music scene they had better deliver a product that actually lives up to it’s name and not just try to jump in after all the groundwork is laid to sell something that makes old school trackers nostalgic.