Impulse Tracker Key Binding Collaboration?

Since I’ve always been an ST/IT/ST kind of guy, and never an FT, I am remapping renoise’s key bindings from scratch.

I’ve got pretty much everything figured out; I’ll post a file when I work on it a bit more.

I am interested if anyone else out there has IT-like keybinding presets to share.

Some of the keys cannot be made identical due to the piano layout, but I’m also using a laptop with the new-style Fn>arrow +/- pgup/dn keys, so some keys get changed anyway. ex: octave.

Something I want to discuss is sample/instrument/file navigation and loading. Also switching around different menus. Has anyone done anything interesting? I have some ideas, I just want some suggestions as well before I commit to a specific layout.

You probably can’t get specifically like IT due to the 3-panel view in ReNoise…I haven’t gone through the complete list of mappable shortcuts, but things like switching to instrument list, etc…kind of not possible since that is only a corner of the top panel…i.e. F3/F4 are right out.

If I remember correctly, I had asked about this a LONG time ago when I had JUST made the switch and someone had told me that IT-Alien had done an .IT-esque shortcut mapping. However, my memory’s foggy from all the alchohol abuse since starting my current job (yeah, it sucks THAT bad) thus I could be wrong…

The xml file for IT-Alien’s IT key binding attempt is not compatible with the xml newer versions of Renoise require.

I’m doing quite well with it. Objectively, some things are different, but I’m really getting my IT feel/flow working in renoise. The most important aspects are sample browsing, instrument selection while in pattern-edit, pattern editing, and f5 f6 f7 f8 for play song, play pattern, play from cursor, stop.