Impulse Tracker Style Shortcuts

Hi. I’ve been using Impulse Tracker for a long time now, and was waiting for IT3 to come. But that was some years a go now, so I kept searching for new trackers and used many.
I got the renoise tracker and it looks very nice! Better then the average tracker. I am planning on using it more, but the only thing is…not every shortcut is the same as in IT. After a long period of using this tracker I am very fast at the interface in IT.
Does anyone customized his configuration similar to the shortcuts of Impulse Tracker?

BTW—>Sorry for my English…

try this.

there is a theme and a keyboard setting.

the keyset (KeyboardMapping.xml) must be saved into ReNoise folder.

the them should be saved into Themes subfolder and loaded into ReNoise.

Ok, thanks for that! Some shortcuts are the same as impulse tracker.
What’s bothering me is the use of the mouse, in IT I only use the keyboard. Can I edit the keyboard.xml document and is this a hard job? Cause I miss many usefull shortcuts like:

alt + f1, f2, f3…= muting/unmuting channels
alt L = select row / alt L L = select all
alt C = copy
alt + 1,2,3…= cursorstep
+/- = switch patterns
shift + right/left = select 1 line of a row

But…maybe I should stop asking and start from scratch. Using the mouse! ;)

you can edit all of your keyboard settings into the config=>keyb/mouse menu

Try to have a look at the preset shortcuts in config->keyboard/mouse.
There you can also define your own shortcuts.
Cursorstep is btw :)

true, but you can’t use the keyboard to mute and unmute channels (unless you tab through all the channels while in the pattern editor and wack ‘’. i remember this feature already having been requested tho.

I changed the configuration and it’s working very similar to Impulse Tracker now, though not every shortcut can be changed.

It’s cool that you can open .IT songs in Renoise. Nice to hear a track with DSP effects. Freaking around with the phaser, delay, flangers on the percussion.

What dissapointed me was that I can’t import the samples from an .IT file into the sampleloader in Renoise. If I wanted a sample in Impulse Tracker I just browsed to a song which includes good samples and then I load it into my new project.

Is there an option to get compressed .IT samples into the Renoise sample editor?

you mean you have enhanced the Impulse Tracker configuration I’ve posted the URL of?

If so, please send it to me at

it-alien [at]


No, it’s not worth updating the keyboard.XLM file. The configuration is very similar. Good stuff.
I just changed some minor things like
F8 =togglestopplaymode / F9 =quickload / F10 =quicksave / Alt+F9 =Mute current track…not worth mentioning I guess.

I would be completely happy when I can import the samples from an IT file into Renoise.

Hi It-alien, i’m interested in mashing together at least an OSX ImpulseTracker configuration keycommands.xml. Would this be possible? what’s the best method? github?

I think most of the features would be tied in with Paketti.

Does anyone have an Implulse style key config (for windows Renoise) that they wouldn’t mind sharing ?

Radian, i think it would be easy to convert my OSX keybindings with Paketti script added to do what You want.

Great, have you got a working link? the one in IT-Alien’s post is dead.