In Built Synth

In built synth but a good one not a gimick

Is this a suggestion or a weird form of Tourette’s?

I think he’s French, it is a language thing :wink:

Anyway, it has been discussed before and my reply would be that I rather have oscillator metadevices and all the components to build our own synths instead of a prefabricated 303 clone or something. I’m aware of the current hack-arounds (ringmod/dc-offset etc), but that doesn’t offer the flexibility of a (polyphonic)modular approach I’d like to see.

Renoise is a synth!
What i would like is to be able to cook food in Renoise, then it would be complete.

Edit: at first i wrote cock food, but that is something else.


what Jonas said.

You mean like Reaktor? That would be freaking amazing. I totally second that.

make your choice


built-in synth would be awesome. It does not need to be complex. Adding 2 oscilators to instrument window and the rest is here: envelopes, tuning. Possibility to merge it with samples… :)

Just an idea.

shame I never took up that offer when they were selling Reaktor for 100 bucks :(

So what can a synth do that Renoise can’t?
I really don’t see why we need an oscillator or five when we can use samples and even draw our own with a very little effort.
Some synths are based on samples instead of oscillators so i really can’t see the difference, i much rather want more/improved dsp effects to play with, like octaver/helium effects, spring reverb and such.

Renoise is a synth, then: it is a wavetable synth, but still a synth. This is what I think Thebellows was talking about. Many demos about Renoise usage as a synth have been posted, like this or this

Take typical 1 osc synth, set osc to pulse and play around with pwm (manually or via LFO). Automate it. With variable BPM. And now try to get the same sound with pulse sample(s). Compare amount of work to get similiar effects (or equal if possible).

In multisample instrument, do a glisando from C-0 to C-9. Sounds good? :) Do the same with synth. Compare results.

Ok, Renoise is a synth. A wavetable one… I thought it was called a sampler, but it doesn’t matter. You name it.

I know it is not a critical feature to add. We can use plugins right? But while there are tons of them for windows, there is few for linux. Moreover, built-in stuff is always a better choice imho.

Sub/Instrument Patterns would effectively be a synth within Renoise.

Detuned waveforms playing through an effects track with LFO/Automation/Envelopes.

As well as people being able to use them for arpeggios, beat construction and whatever other ideas they may have.

Live the dream!

I’m not so shure adding an oscillator would solve that, Renoise would probably do the same with it anyway. I think it would be better to improve Renoise to make a nice glissando, like a new pattern effect or something.
Not shure though, i don’t know that much about sound engineering, maybe you’re right.

when doing a glisando you are playing one sample and the effect changes it’s pitch. If you slide from very low note to very high it will sound prostethic either whith simple transponing or stretching. With oscilator it doesn’t matter if you are playing stacatto or legato or some slow pitch slides - it receives a frequency to generate and it produces a sound.

But i don’t see why it’s not possible to emulate that effect?
After all it’s just a digital signal and if the resolution of the sample is the same as the digital oscillation it should be the same, if you start with a high resolution sample tuned to a very low frequency it shouldnt matter if you increase the frequency, at least in my immediate logic.

I made this short demonstration, now tell me this doesn’t sound like a synth :P