In Dev: Midi Pitch Bend <-> Pitch Slide (01,02) Converter

Hi all,

Just would like to announce that after having a bit of a play in Lua I feel reasonably confident about announcing a tool that I have started working upon.

As I’m still learning Lua and the Renoise API, it will be nothing fancy.

It will be able to convert between pitch bend controller messages (for VSTi’s) and 01, 02 pitch bend commands (for samples).

My proposed method is:

Write out the appropriate 01 and 02 commands

Going the other way will be implemented later ;)

What I would like is some more detailed information on how the 01 and 02 commands work. I know they are linked into the number of ticks, so therefore effect value * number of ticks should always give the same change in pitch. Is this correct? If so, there must be a specific constant that is obtained when multiplied to give a whole semitone change in pitch. Does this sound correct?

Edit: Found it in the help (obviously)

Also, is anyone else working on anything similar? I don’t want to tread on anyone elses toes.

For as far as i know, not, so go ahead!

Though translating pitchbend to 1xx and 2xx commands can be a tedious thing, but when looking at what most software is doing with the pitchbend is allowing to setting different scales to apply to it.
So would be a good tip to add this dynamic option into it and i’m sure you will get many gratitudes for the tool :)

Dear God,

Please provide me and my family with a script that converts the pitchbend on my controller to pattern-effect pitch slides commands in renoise. O mighty one, to honour your supremeness and unimaginable power, I will sacrifice one my 3 daughters.