In-fluence's New Track - P1ck M3 Up…ckm3uptech2.mp3

Bit of a melodic techy dnb effort from yours truly. As always, feedback welcome.


i dont know why but it keeps freezing for me all the time i dont know if it is my connection or what, but sounds good what i can hear of it

If it’s giving you problems you can chose to save the file rather than stream it - or go to & listen there :)

haha oh yeah… really like the ambiant pads in it, really nice sound sounds pretty old school drum and bass which i really like, what is the sample off? sounds like some british documentary? really good song though mate :)

That was actually a recording of a work colleague’s hypno-therapist! Pretty poor quality but managed to make the most of it. Thanks for the feedback ;)

Like the retro synth sounds with that trobbing b-line.