In/Out difference display for comp/dist/maximizer


there is already a input and output meter in lot of plugins (missing it in distortion btw). But this display is kind of tiny (please don’t feel offended), it’s too small to determinate the exact dB-difference.

I looked at voxengo plugins. They have such a simple but so effective solution for that: A simple difference value display, like this:

Attachment 5519 not found.

Can you add such a display tocompressor/distortion/maximizer? Thanks!

Btw. a zoom by left mouse selecting a range in the meter would be cool of course, too!

Btw2. It would be nice if this display could be activated optionally for phaser and chorus etc., too. At least me I sometimes have the problem that for example adding a chorus results in volume loss. So to get the exact value of this loss would help nicely.