In/out Markers

Hello Guys

I think many people used any DAW with renoise. I used Studio one. In S1 i have IN/OUT Markers funktion on the workspace. So long i ask about this funktion in the renoise. What you think about this? renoise is needed if this feature or not?

thank you


I think you should probably give some more details if you want this feature request to be taken seriously. Don’t just assume that we have used Studio One before, or that we know anything about its “workspace”, or that we understand what an “in/out marker” is, etc. You need to describe the feature and actually explain what it should do, what its function and purpose is, etc.

I’m pretty sure I know what you might be referring to, but I’m just guessing. Don’t make us try to guess and figure out what you are talking about :)

Give more details please. Give example screenshots and video if you can. Give links to some useful information. Make us understand what this thing is, and why it would be useful.

sorry ))) its my mad english.

if i have long patterrn and when i working with arange, i want play just small part, allocates its very userfull. i know we have “block loop” but this is not always easy. i want more free. i want allocates just this fragment which i work.

thnx, i hope you understand me )i wiil try

have nice day

Hi Jalex,
It sounds like you’re just looking for some refinements to how marking block loops works?

i want select any parts of patterns just use a mouse. beacose block loop very strange if i used any length patterns. in/out marker i think its very freandly with work for long patern

I did start plans for trying to get something that would do this with scripting, although it can never get to as perfect and flawless a level as a native solution could as the API only runs on the GUI level. Never got beyond the ideas phase though, but something crude but workable should be possible.

Good luck. I cant wait.

None of my tools I feel are quite to Renoise Tools Page stage (a couple are close) plus I have started a new job which I can’t sit and play with a bit of personal code so easy so have a lot less time…