In regards to 'Panther VST'..

I know the name was changed in a later video, however this gent’s vid I was watching took up the use of his then being developed VST PLUGIN.

What I’m getting at is does anyone know this ‘William Light’? If you happen to read this yourself William, or a knowledageable individual passes on this prior, can someone please point me in the right direction? THX!


There was another synth I used designed by a renoise artist as well, used that synth all the time and Synth1 with nothing else yet I forget what the name was =S it was a few years ago. If this refreshes anyone’s memory 3-4 years back some renoiser released as well that too I would be thankful!


He used to go by the name of wrl on irc as far as I remember, sometimes used to be in #opensourcemusicians on Freenode.

He listed the plugin here.

Wow! Perfect!! Thanks guys!


Tha’ niNja!