In The Market For A New Soundcard

I’m in the market for a new soundcard that would be good for renoise and audio applications. I don’t have a whole lot of $, I am thinking $100-$150 maximum.
Right now I have several and none of them are really cutting it right now. I have a SBLive, Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, Hercules Muse 5.1, and also the onboard on my nforce 2 chipset. strangely the onboard is running the best right now (virtually no glitching and skipping and stuff). I would like to have one with a breakout box but i know that’s extra $ and it’s not absolutely necessary for me right now… soo… Does anybody have any suggestions on one that would be good?

how are the new audigy 2’s? or should i go for something more professional like MOTU?

i had an audigy 1 when they first came out but i had a problem with one of the channels not working with recording… so i sold it and have never really gotten anything good since then :(

thanks for the feedback


i would suggest M-Audio audiophile 24/96 Very decent card and it has really good price now (130 $ MSRP)

I have audigy 2 right now, cause at the time i bough it, audiophile 24/96 was more expensive that it is now.

Audigy 2 are ok cards also, but they have not so good ASIO support, and they tend to resample to 48 KHz (without any notice to you) on many circumstances. For example if you listen to some audio CD (44,1 KHz) then that signal is resampled to 48 KHz before output. And that results in some quality loss. And thoes situations are more…
So i would suggest to opt for audiophile card.

EDIT: and i forgot to mention that audiophile card has really good and stable drivers too!

yeah for a desktop the audiophile is pretty decent for the money
theres only one thing i dont like about it an thats this funny teeth rattling sound
that it does sometimes, that will just drive you insane sometimes, its something with the buffers or not enough speed. renoise seems to react differently almost everytimer i use it so.

But little extra and you got M-audio delta 1010.
Hyvä hinta/laatu suhde as we say

yeah the audiophile was what recommended… and it can be had for $100 on pricewatch and maybe a little less on ebay if i do some hunting… so i will probly go with that. (in a few months when i have the $ :( ) thanks for the help :)

tnt97, are you finnish?

Can you tell me what is the monitor speakers price in finland? like Alesis, Events or something else. And can you recommend some store in Helsinki where they have decent range of monitors that i can come listen…