In The Market For New Soundcard And Monitors, Recommendations?

As topic says, was looking at:
Audiophile 24/96

Not really sure on <£200 monitors though, any help? Can I add a sub later on, and does the sub have to be matched with the monitors?

Currently using VIA onboard sound and some crappy Sony headphones so I guess anything will be an improvement.

I did do a quick forum search but most of the posts seemed a bit out of date.

Thanks in advance.


For card, I could also recommend M-Audio Delta 44. I believe it uses the same sound chip as the 24/96, but it has a nice breakout box too. Doesn’t cost very much more either.

Notice that m-audio cards dont work propperly on 64-bit OS’s.
Ive got an EMU Tracker now. I tried a few cards including the m-audio one and the 1010 from emu, but I got all kinds of problems with the internal cards.
The one I got now just always works and is ridiculously easy in use. :)

For monitors I’d recommend you burn a CD with music you know well and just go to a good store to listen to a bunch of them very closely. Thats the advice I got everywhere and Im glad I did that. Got myself 2 KRK Rokit 8’s now :D

Good luck!