Inaccuracies in pan slider

This is something that has been bothering me for a while , when panned (almost ) totally left /right , the readout shows 50 but is in fact 49,9 ( or something like that )
Just move the pre pan slider verry slowly untill it shows 50L or 50R but you can still hear a portion of the channel
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I was just about to say I can’t reproduce this but then I reread your post and noticed you said to move slowly and yeah it happens here too, it’s obviously 49,9 as you say… some solution for Taktik would be to either lock it to the integer but then you lose the fine control or else make it show the decimal number and clutter the interface a little… or leave it as it is hehe

Ah. I think it’s a common math rescaling+rounding error (0.0-1.0 to some range). I remember I stumbled upon the same thing once. It makes the values slightly misrepresented in the GUI.

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