Include Mtc In The Midi Sync?


I think it’s become at bit of a limitation due to Cubase to use the midi sync.

I think I tried this also on Fruityloops and it would have required MTC also.

This is for you others who are struggling with the sync issues. It is not possible due to Cubase not being able to sync itself using midi clock.

(next is from the Cubase manual if it helps anyone)


• When synchronizing your system to external timecode, via a synchronizer, the
most common timecode format is MTC. Contrary to some reports you might
have heard, MTC delivers good precision for external sync. This is due to the
fact that the operating system can “time stamp” incoming MIDI messages,
which increases precision.
Format recommendations for timecode – with ASIO Positioning
• LTC and VITC are the formats with the highest precision and are recommended
when available.
• MTC is the next best option and probably the most common choice, since few
audio hardware solutions have built in LTC or VITC readers. However, LTC
and VITC offer even higher precision when available.
28 – 678 Synchronization

MIDI Clock

MIDI Clock is a tempo based type of synchronization signal, that is it is
related to the number of “beats per minute”. MIDI Clock signals are
suitable for synchronizing two devices that agree on tempo, such as
for example Cubase SX/SL and a drum machine.
MIDI Clock is not suitable as a master sync source for an application
like Cubase SX/SL. Therefore Cubase SX/SL will transmit MIDI Clock
signals to other devices, but it will not receive MIDI Clock.

yes i would also like to get this feature,i dont see why it cant be implemented,there is a use for it,when syncing to external gear and programs

Any movement on this? I need to sync Renoise to an external recorder. SMPTE and MTC are standards for good sequencers, which Renoise definitely is.