Include "reset" In Metadevice "parameter" Dropdown

So, I was hacking around one day, when I came up with this cool idea: Wouldn’t it be neat to scrub the curve of an LFO… perhaps with another LFO? Seems to me the reset parameter is just a way of setting which offset of the curve to use, so perhaps LFOing it would make for some good fun :)

So, I tried getting it to work… only to find out that the Reset parameter wasn’t displayed in the second LFO at all… hmm… how to get it to work?

So, I coppied LFO #2 into notepad, and manually changed the “Parameter” node to 6 instead of 5, the previous value, which was the highest parameter Renoise would let me use. I pasted the properties back onto the LFO and voila, the first LFO was scrubbing back and forth to the curve of the second.

This allowed me to do such nifty things as making sin(sin(x)) curves and, if I used a velo device instead of a second LFO, I could invert the velocity device’s data by using a custom LFO curve so that if a strong note was hit, the output value would be low, and if a weak note was hit, the output value would be high. There are about a million other possibilities inherent here, and I’m slowly trying to figure them out whenever I mess with this idea.

Here is a small example of a sin(sin(x)) curve on a filter2 dsp:
Paste it as a device chain into Renoise to see it in action

Basically, I would like to request that the Reset value be added into the Parameter box of both the LFO and the Velocity device, so that in the future, I won’t need to hack around as much to get some awesome experimental functionality out of these devices.