[Incomplete Doc] "selected sample modulation set device index"?

R3.2.4 Win10 x64
It seems that the API is missing the device selection within the sample_modulation_set (Reniose.Song.API.lua):

– Access a single device by index.

This is to access the properties of the device. But there is no way to select the device (inside the sample_modulation_set). Something like this:
renoise.song().selected_sample_modulation_set_device_index (this does not exist!)
This should select the device and also visually center it.

Do not confuse with this:
renoise.song().selected_sample_modulation_set_index (this does exist!)

Or am I missing something? Can anyone check this?

Related Documentation


-------- Functions

– Reset all chain back to default initial state. Removing all devices too.

– Copy all devices from another SampleModulationSet object.
other renoise.SampleModulationSet object)

– Insert a new device at the given position. “device_path” must be one of
– renoise.song().instruments[].sample_modulation_sets[].available_devices.
renoise.song().instruments[].sample_modulation_sets[]:insert_device_at(device_path, index)
-> [returns new renoise.SampleModulationDevice object]
– Delete a device at the given index.
– Access a single device by index.
-> [renoise.SampleModulationDevice object]

– upgrade filter type to the latest version. Tries to find a somewhat matching
– filter in the new version, but things quite likely won’t sound the same.

-------- Properties

– Name of the modulation set.
renoise.song().instruments[].sample_modulation_sets[].name, _observable
-> [string]

– Input value for the volume domain
-> [renoise.DeviceParameter object]

– Input value for the panning domain
-> [renoise.DeviceParameter object]

– Input value for the pitch domain
-> [renoise.DeviceParameter object]

– Input value for the cutoff domain
-> [renoise.DeviceParameter object]

– Input value for the resonance domain
-> [renoise.DeviceParameter object]

– Input value for the drive domain
-> [renoise.DeviceParameter object]

– Pitch range in semitones
renoise.song().instruments[].sample_modulation_sets[].pitch_range, _observable
-> [number, 1 - 96]

– All available devices, to be used in ‘insert_device_at’.
-> [read-only, array of strings]

– Device list access.
renoise.song().instruments[].sample_modulation_sets[].devices[], observable
-> [read-only, array of renoise.SampleModulationDevice objects]

– Filter version. See also function ‘upgrade_filter_version’
renoise.song().instruments[].sample_modulation_sets[].filter_version, observable
-> [read-only, number - 1,2 or 3 which is the latest version]

– Filter type.
-> [read-only, list of strings]
renoise.song().instruments[].sample_modulation_sets[].filter_type, _observable
-> [string, one of ‘available_filter_types’]

@taktik should check out this issue.
Edit: It has not yet been added in R3.3.0.

This indeed is missing right now. I’ll see if I can quickly add this for the next update…

Yes, please! It must also be _observable

By the way, this thread should be on Renoise Tool Development. Maybe I have put it here by mistake. Sorry!

Here is another related matter:

Could you check this out too?