Increase Notes Allowed Via Selection

I don’t know if this has been suggested or even if it’s possible but I was thinking the other day how helpful it would be…

When making snare rolls etc it would be great to be able to highlight a section and then double the amount of notes allowed to be imputed in that section rather than having to double the speed/lines for the whole tune…

I suppose a simpler idea would be to have different speeds per track but the flexibility of doing it by selection would be far more powerful…

Any thoughts?

you can use the speed command (F10x) to change the speed locally.

C-4 01 80 F103 <== changes speed to 3 until new command  
--- -- -- ----  
--- -- -- ----  
--- -- -- F106 <== changes speed to 6  

anyway, your suggestion is somehow similar to the “zoom feature” described here

With the zoom feature would it be possible to have say track 1 with 128 lines running at speed 3 and track 2 with 64 lines running at speed 6?

Nobody’s really settled on a specific zoom/clip implementation, but why not just use the retrig command? It’s quite simple:

More info here: