Increase number of automatable VST parameters per VST instance


I thought to increase the number of automatable parameters for a VST instrument. Now it’s limited to 1000 parameters, which is not enough in my view.

5950 parameter list.png

For instance, when using (multi-timbral) instruments like Reaktor:

Creating a multi-timbral, 16-output instance, with 8 synths that use 474 automation parameters/ID’s, is now impossible to ‘plug and automate’ (8 times 474 is more than 1000).

The only thing you can do is decrease the number of automatable ID’s per synth, or decrease the number of synths per Reaktor instance. Which is not really optimal (more Reaktor instances, less usable ouputs/instance) and takes extra work & time to configure each instrument in the instance and each instance itself.

It would be great if it would be possible to automate every ID in an instance, without limits. (unlimited number of automatable VST parameters/ID’s, or at least a bit more, like 10000 or so…)

Like, for instance, load 8 “Titan” synths (16 outputs, 8 times 474 ID’s = 3792 ID’s) in 1 instance without having to adjust the automation behaviour/configuration.

Now it’s limited to 1000 parameters, which is not enough in my view.

This limit is coming from Reaktor itself, not from Renoise.

Renoise will show (and let you automate) however many parameters the plugin itself has actually published.

Linplug’s Albino 3 synth, for example, has almost 6400 parameters, and Renoise gives you access to all of them.